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Emily Brontė 1818 - 1848
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Ann Radcliffe (1764-1823),
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In Which Introductions Are Made

especially if the package contains......

Now, one has to be very careful about things like this. Introductions are all well and good, in their proper settings, but under certain circumstances one cannot be too careful. Let us then say, with caution, welcome to this, yet another expansion of a single web page into a complete site. It was after much thought that we finally decided to expand our M.R. James page into the first  part of this web site. There are already several good web sites out there, we'll provide the links to them, as we will to many other related websites. The original page will serve as the biography of Montague Rhodes James, on this site, along with some of the links. The stories themselves will of course have their own page, as is fitting, and we'll provide links to other writers in the ghost story genre. Another of our web pages, Ghosts and Marvels, on which we list the authors and one  complete e-story from each of them, will be copied to this site, though the original will remain where it is. James's main influence was  the Irish writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, he is featured on the Ghosts and Marvels page, along with what James has to say about him, plus a link to a collection of Le Fanu's work, Madame Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery, which was edited by M.R. James.
"The reading of many ghost stories has shown me that the greatest successes have been scored by the authors who can make us envisage a definite time and place, and give us plenty of clear-cut and matter-of-fact detail, but who, when the climax is reached, allow us to be just a little in the dark . . ."
-- M. R. James

and so with that quote from The Master, we leave you in his very capable hands, walk carefully and whatever you do, don't pick up anything you may find on the road, most especially if the package contains hair or nail parings............ enough said!

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